About Outfit Tracker

WTF is this ?

Outfit tracker is an outfit centric statistical tool designed for the MMOFPS PlanetSide 2.
The service is still in beta, so the data may not be perfectly accurate.
Most of the data is cached, and refreshed every few hour.

Who the f*ck are you ?

Twitter: @aurelien_munoz
Ingame : [DRAQ] Middd @ Cobalt

Thanks to the Draq team for testing.

How does it work ?

Data is collected from the PS2/Census/DayBreak API Websocket, processed with a NodeJS backend
Statistical analysis and display are done with PHP, Elastic Search, MemCached, Apache and Debian.

Can i help ?

Sure ! You must be familiar with some of these technologies: HTML 5 CSS3, PHP, NodeJS and Git to contribute to the base code.
Drop me a message if you have an idea on twitter or ingame.



V2.1 13/12/2017

V2 19/10/2017

V1.1 19/03/2017

V1.0 Initial release