KAIN is an outfit that shines in player activity, a healthy community and experienced leadership. What makes our outfit special is the members and their contribution to the outfit. Without that we wouldn’t be what we are today. Therefore we are actively looking for members that have the motivation to improve themselves and those around them. What KAIN can offer you in return is a friendly environment with experienced players that will help you out as well. And for those less experienced with the game, a personal mentor to teach you all the tips and tricks you are looking for. We play this game how it’s supposed to be played and we do it well. We are active on the Cobalt server and pursue the ideologies of the New Conglomerate.

Our playstyle: We value teamplay above anything in our outfit, rapid response infantry gameplay and trying to think a step ahead are important factors. However considering all our members are above 18 years we also know when to give space for more casual play. If accomplishing the same goal with a bunch of good guys on your side is what you seek, than KAIN is definately the right outfit for you! It should also not be forgotten that KAIN is a Combined Arms Outfit, meaning we use anything this game has to offer to get the job done.
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