We are [MUMS] Members of the Utopian Mummy. We use Discord everyday to communicate to one another and form a community around Planetside 2. In this Strong and Stable outfit we run public squads/platoons every Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm CET. On Saterday and Sunday at 8pm CET we hold a more serious and tactical squad for some extraordinary and aggressive gameplay. In MUMS we will train and help new members and players to become more experienced so that all can enjoy all parts of Planetside universe, veteran players are also widely accepted into the outfit to help and give their experienced to those in need.
We do need ALL members to JOIN THE MUMS DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/tPJB4Fe. Join us and support your mother, my mother, my farther's mother and all the mums around the world - They have given us life, it is only right that as we grow we respect and remember the MUMS who have fallen for the cause of uniting us all under one banner. We will and are always looking for people to help build MUMS and we promise to help and teach every member what we know about Planetside and motherhood, if that’d be leading or basic training, or milking. Again, if you are looking for an outfit with a strong and active community then this is the one, the Chosen One - with full support from your local MUMS!!
Play style: Infantry
Main language: EN
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